About Me

Portrait of Chelsea Perez

My name is Chelsea. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and artist living in Elk Grove, California. I grew up in Esparto, California where I had plenty of countryside to fuel my imagination. I drew the trees, plants, and flowers. I drew the streets and filled them with creatures from my imagination.

During my senior year of high school, I went to Sweden and really pursued my interest in Art. I took classes such as Art & Design Foundation, Design, Photography, and Moving Pictures. I loved every minute of it. I got to experiment with different types of paint and paper, and I even tried my hand at sculpting!

I am currently working as a Graphic Designer, with seven years under my belt. I am also attending school, furthering my skills in both art, and design. I enjoy learning new programs to get the best out of my work, and also using new drawing tools. I took a class, where I got to draw with charcoal. That was really interesting!

Photography is something I really enjoy. I started when I was in Sweden, and haven’t put the camera down since. I especially love photographing nature. Is there anything more beautiful?

Here’s a little bit more about me, if you care to know. My favorite color is green. I am ADDICTED to hot cheetos. Yes, that warrants all caps! My favorite author is Stephen King. I enjoy sci-fi and comedy. I have a loving husband, who I admire and appreciate his support of me. Together we have two dachshunds and two cats, who are constantly providing us with entertainment!